Songs Without Lyrics – Palettes Without a Trace of Paint

Isolation is a beautiful companion

stories are birthed inside that stroke

imagine isn’t that distant

young ladies with china tea glasses

young men with posts of mud and wood. Brad Paisley tickets 2019

I have to get out additional


feed on what craftsmen from history

will let me know

on the off chance that I keep my mind still

or then again perhaps it’s hustling

toward them without reservation

I admit

I don’t know

I don’t have the foggiest idea.

The hues specialists use

to check their places

umbilical lines prompting.. LIFE

that is you

that is me

on the off chance that we search for ourselves

inside another person in their appearance.

Now and again

at the point when the moon is full

or on the other hand is it when there is no moon by any stretch of the imagination?

Soul looking leads me to pieces

tunes without verses

palettes without any paint

dirt that won’t move

at the point when squeezed between my fingers.

The day feels level

furthermore, my identity


What would i be able to give back?

I wonder the amount of my respectability

I would need to give away

to wind up outside this minute

of misfortune.

It feels like I am losing me

once in a while

at the point when the moon is full

or then again is it when there is no moon

by any means?

There are researchers inside a million, trillion books

I have to discover only one

who when incited by my own being

reveals to me where I am

inside this minute

also, lone moan.

It feels so straightforward…

open a book

find that quote

that causes my voice valiantly rise

also, grasp some other world

the one I interface with

when I am fortunate

or on the other hand is the point at which the moon is full?

I overlook.

Roused by music

my dream, dear sweetheart

extends over any scene

you may discover

seeing new universes

hanging tight for me

what’s more, a breeze that is consummately still.

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