How to Prepare PowerPoint Presentation to Use As Speaker Support at a Conference

The fundamental standards are straightforward: The content ought to be composed first. At that point KEY POINTS would then be able to be hauled out for SPEAKER SUPPORT. By composing the content first and removing the key data/visual cues, we abstain from showing the whole content on the screen part and stanza. (At the point when this occurs, the ‘School Black Board’ situation becomes an integral factor, where the instructor composes so little that the class can not peruse or recall the notable key focuses. We as a whole recollect the outcomes in ‘turn off’ and paper planes flying around the room! timeline arrow powerpoint

Your objectives as a speaker are to cause audience members to connect with your group of spectators so they tune in. To get them intrigued and included, incorporate compelling visual talk support as point by point beneath. It’s commonly acknowledged that we obtain 85 percent of all our insight outwardly. In this way, an introduction that utilization Speaker Support slides is unquestionably bound to be comprehended and held than one only an oral discourse, regardless of how unique the speaker is.

Slide Creation

Toning it down would be ideal! – Remember it is Speaker Support – Keep the slides compact and to the point – Maximum of 8 lines of content. You have to ensure everybody can peruse the slides as outlined previously.

Utilize the format gave in the PowerPoint layout to your cover sheet and for all slides. Pictures state a 1000 words so attempt in the event that you can to utilize pictures as opposed to simply message. Additionally make sure to leave a protected void region around the edge of the slide. This is known as ‘video safe’, a portion of your significant data may seep off of the screen when anticipated utilizing a back projection framework in the event that you don’t. What’s more, recall that introduction slides are a rundown, they don’t recount to the whole story. That is the activity of the you, the moderator! Your slides ought to give a guide to the crowd as they hear you present. Slides are not a content that the moderator peruses to the group of spectators.

A standout amongst the best highlights about PowerPoint introductions is the “manufacture” ability. You can concentrate the watcher’s consideration on every particular thing as you include visual cues line by line. The bulleted things “wipe on” in from the left, right, top, or base. Despite the fact that attempt to not escape with the activitys it is anything but an animation appear, so think ‘unobtrusive yet powerful.’


When making outlines attempt to think from the point of view of your crowd. Is the majority of the data inside the diagram vital and absolutely significant? Diagram messages must be succinct, uncluttered and paramount. Utilization of shading to separate and explain the message is essential.

Utilizing Color

Make sure to utilize a shading palette of five or less hues for a whole introduction, in light of the fact that such a large number of hues can be distracting.Always remember the slides will be anticipated. It is frequently better to utilize a dull foundation with light hued content permitting ideal complexity and intelligibility when anticipated. Switch this standard for OHP’s. Likewise utilize steady hues for comparable components.

So Remember utilize light content on a dull foundation for introduction in an obscured room.

Utilize dull content on a light foundation for introduction in a brilliant room.

Try not to utilize light content on a light foundation (e.g., yellow content on a white foundation).

Also, don’t utilize dim content on a dull foundation either (e.g., red content on a blue foundation).

General Slide Tips

Keep in mind that the slides are to support the group of spectators, not the moderator. Try not to peruse from a slide.

Do whatever it takes not to structure the slides for the printed page, your gifts can come later.

When Saving your completed introduction, remember there might be different speakers making and providing introductions for the occasion. In the event that every speaker calls his/her introduction conf.ppt for instance it makes co-appointment of all the speaker bolster material essentially incomprehensible for the occasion makers. Name the introduction/s so that there can be no equivocalness in such manner utilizing your name and friends too. Expedite reinforcement a pen-drive in the event of organization blunder, and you’re introduction being left on the workplace server accidentally!

By following these rules the outcomes will be increasingly expert and better looking, which will at last think about the speaker and the occasion all in all.

Good Luck with your introduction, and I trust you accomplish your objective.


Aaron Emmett

Aaron Emmett

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